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Harp Lessons in Tokyo
Would you like to start playing the harp?

✔︎ Teaching experience of over 30 years


✔︎ Able to teach any generation 


✔︎ Having students at age of 5 to 90

✔︎ Teach in English

✔︎ Compleated Bachelor of Music (Harp) at Indiana University as an honor student

✔︎ Completed Bachelor of Music (Harp) at Toho Music School in Japan


If you are interested in playing the harp, 
feel free to contact me
 or fill out the form below for further information!!

Trial Lessons:

3000 yen

*Admission fee will be FREE if you decide to enroll on the same day as you take the trial lesson.

(Originally 10,000 yen)


Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo

・13 minutes walk from Denenchofu Station  (Toyoko line)

・10 minutes walk from Tamagawa Station (Tokyoko line)

・10 minutes walk from Yukigaya-Otsuka station (Ikegami line)

・You can also take a bus from Denenchofu Station

Free Parking lot

 Harp Lesson Fee         


Under 7 years old: about 45 mins

 1 lesson per month: 5,000 yen per lesson

 2 lessons per month: 4,500 yen per lesson

 3 lessons per month: 4,000 yen per lesson

8 years old and older: about 60 mins

 1 lesson per month: 7,000 yen per lesson

 2 lessons per month: 6,500 yen per lesson

 3 lessons per month: 6,000 yen per lesson                 



Accept major credit cards, Coin Plus, Suica, Pasmo, PayPal, and PayPay.

Email for reservations


 TEL: 03-3722-6744

E-mail:  ​


Thank you for your message!

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